FES South Caucasus (based in Tbilisi)

Felix Hett

Director FES South Caucasus

Felix Hett has been the director of the FES South Caucasus Office since January 2017. He has been with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung since 2009, working first in the Moscow Office, and then - since 2011 - as desk officer for Belarus, Russia and Ukraine in the Berlin Head Office. Felix Hett studied Politics, Business and Economics in Leipzig, Vilnius and Minsk.

Salome Alania

Project Coordinator Azerbaijan and Regional Projects

Salome Alania has worked as a project coordinator at the FES South Caucasus Office since 2015. She studied Politics and International Relations at the University of Georgia. Salome did her MSc of Politics, Economics and Philosophy at University of Hamburg from 2011-2013 as a DAAD/OSI scholar.

Elene Gamtsemlidze

Accountant FES South Caucasus

Elene Gamtsemlidze has been an accountant at the FES South Caucasus since April 2005. She studied economics in Georgia and did internships in Germany. Prior to her current assignment, Elene worked at the Representative Agency of the AG Volkswagen, TV “Imedi”, the Supreme Court of Justice and the publishing house “Mtavari Gazeti.”

FES Georgia (under the umbrella of FES South Caucasus)

Ia Tikanadze

Head of FES Georgia

Ia Tikanadze has been the head of the FES Georgia Office since 1994. Prior to joining the FES she was a researcher at the National Relations Research Center at the Academy of Sciences of Georgia. She did research internships at the German Society of Foreign Policy (DGAP) in Bonn from 1993-1994 and at the FES in Bonn in 1991. She graduated from Moscow Moris Torez Institute of Foreign Languages and Tbilisi State University in the Faculty of Western European Languages and Literature.

Irina Seperteladze

Project Coordinator/Assistant to the Regional Director

Irina Seperteladze has been a project coordinator and assistant to the coordinator of the FES South Caucasus Regional Office since March 2002. Prior to joining the Team, she worked at the German Embassy in Tiflis and at the EU-TACIS-Project “Training of the judges in Georgia.” Irina Seperteladze studied German Language and Law in Georgia, Germany and Austria.

Ketevan Gvaramia



Ketevan Gvaramia has worked as a secretary at the FES Georgia Office since 1996. She studied English at the Tbilisi Institute of Foreign Languages. Prior to joining the team, Ketevan worked for the national TV network and the publishing house “Vesta.”

Giorgi Sulakauri

Translator/PR Officer

Giorgi Sulakauri has worked as a translator and Public Relations Officer at the FES Georgia Office since June 2013. He studied economics and architecture at the Georgian Technical University. Prior to joining the FES, Giorgi worked as an assistant to the project coordinator in GTZ and on KFW/GFA projects in the land management and urban planning fields.

Tariel Tsiklauri

Driver/Technical Assistant

Tariel Tsiklauri has worked as a driver and technical assistant for the FES Georgia Office since 2002. He studied engineering and construction sciences in Georgia. Prior to joining the FES Team, he worked at the Ministry of Agriculture and different construction companies.

FES Armenia (under the umbrella of FES South Caucasus)

Naira Gevorgyan

Head of FES Armenia


Naira Gevorgyan has served as the head of FES Armenia since 1995. Prior to that, Naira worked at the commercial Bank “Elita” in Yerevan and as an interpreter for in the German, Armenian and Russian languages. Ms. Gevorgyan graduated from the Institute of State Foreign Languages in Yerevan in the Faculty of German and Russian Languages and Literature.

Liana Badalyan

Project Coordinator


Liana Badalyan has worked as a Project Coordinator at FES Armenia since September 2011. She studied German Language and Political Science at Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences and at Humboldt University Berlin and Rostock University in Germany. She is currently doing her Master’s Degree in Law.

Anna Galstyan

Project Assistant


Anna Galstyan has worked as a Project Assistant at FES Armenia since July 2015. She studied German Language and International Relations at Yerevan Brusov State University of Languages and Social Sciences.

Photo: FES Georgia

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