The economic situation in Armenia : opportunities and challenges in 2017

Armenia's economic situation remains difficult: There is serious distrust in society towards the current authorities over economic

issues. After 3% GDP growth in 2015 the index of economic activity in Armenia

started to decrease again. Unemployment is rising and amounted to 18,5% in 2015,

which is the highest rate within the past 5 years. Emigration is a consequence of the

socio-economic situation. According to estimations, 25% of the country’s population

lived abroad in 2015. 2017 will be full of new challenges for Armenia, which will once

again test the will and the flexibility of the authorities to impose economic reforms.

Compass Center, Armenia. - Yerevan : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung / Armenia Office, February 2017.

Graphic: FES Georgia

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