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Presidential elections in Armenia 2013 and their possible consequences for the country

On February 25, 2013 Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) officially announced the final results of the sixth presidential election in the...

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Pulse of Georgia

The smooth transfer of power to the opposition following Georgia’s parliamentary election of October, 2012 was an unexpected and pleasant...

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Georgia - labor protection and safety

The paper is a comparative analysis of Georgian laws and institutions as well as rights and duties in the field of labor protection, and the...

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Social Democracy Reader 2 - Economics and Social Democracy

“What would a fair and solidarity-based economic order look like? What kind of balance must be found between state and market? How can a modern,...

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Monopolies in Armenia

The current economic policy practices of the Republic of Armenia do not secure market competitiveness, nor does the country have in place the proper...

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Social Reforms in Armenia

The series of studies, “Social Reforms in Armenia,” commissioned by the Hrayr Maroukhian Foundation (HMF) and made possible through the support of the...

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Report on Armenian trade unions 2010

Report on Armenian trade unions : problems, challenges and needs / R. Sargsyan, L. Balyan, N. Nersisyan, A. Petrosyan ; editor: R. Giragosyan ; APR...

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Photo: FES Georgia